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  • document check

    Gain confidence with your terms of reference, project outline, funding application, scoping papers and other communications material. Document check gives you confidence that your document positively reflects the perspective that disabled people are welcomed as productive and able citizens.

  • engaging workshop

    A mini workshop, with front-line staff, that explores and lifts individual comfort levels when engaging with disabled people. Following the head/heart approach your employees will be able to connect with disabled people as equals – creating a better association with your business. This can be as quick as a 30 minute conversation or developed into a longer interactive workshop.

  • practical strategy

    Strategic input at a governance or operational level not only adds authenticity but also confidence – confidence that your organisation or work programme is one which maximises opportunities for all citizens.

  • simply enlighten

    Become knowledgeable about ‘what they’re saying’ internationally and apply these learnings to create a brilliant world for people with disabilities and you.


    You have a message you wish to convey and want to ensure it is transmitted well to all citizens? We can take an educational approach or simply check options for accessibility.

    The Disability Convention – let’s explore what it is, what it means for you and how you can apply its principles in your environment.

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  • facilitate and act

    Let’s work together to co-design a way into a solution – connect with disabled people and those who ‘know’ how to create the best way forward.

    Perhaps you want to engage with disabled people, more importantly, you want to understand what disabled people are saying and be able to apply these learnings to your programme/organisation.

    Allow us to explore and create pathways for transformational change and really open up your world to disabled New Zealanders.

  • activity evaluation

    Bring ennoble in to engage with you as you evaluate your programme, service or product – introducing a disability perspective into the process.

  • project management

    Draw on the expertise of ennoble and allow us to undertake a project for you – we have access to academic and grassroots information and bring a practical delivery focussed approach to project delivery.

  • network and connect

    Our network is wide, we can put you in touch with people and organisations who can contribute positively to your work.

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